I just wanted to say something that’s been really bothering me lately. all of this taylor swift hate is getting on my nerves, not only because i’m a huge fan, but because i think it shows how truly sexist this world is. how it is okay for men to date whom ever they want, whenever they want? i bet if justin bieber started dating other people, no one would say a word, and if they did it would be about how much of a “baller” he’s grown up to be. personally, i think it’s amazing what taylor does. not only do i find her music beautiful and comforting, but i think she’s such a powerful role model for women of all ages. she isn’t running around hollywood without underwear, being photographed passed out in a car from drugs, ect. she works damn hard and writes all of her music, she sings live whenever she preforms, sells out arenas world wide, and at the end of the day ends up being a normal girl who loves her cat and collecting antiques (and also treats her fans with a ton of respect). maybe this hate makes me mad because i’m a fan, or maybe it makes me mad because as a child i watched my father physically and verbally abuse my mother. i think it’s one thing for men to be calling taylor a slut, but for girls, you’re only making it okay for people like my dad to exist in this world. a world where women can’t be as powerful or looked at equally as men, and in my eyes that’s a pretty sad world. 

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    This is great except for the I’m-not-slut-shaming slut-shaming and the sexism at the end.
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